MetroNet Fiber Internet

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Eliminate Frustrating Dead Zones

Throughout Your Home With Whole-Home WiFi


Cover Your Entire Home With Blazing Fast Fiber Internet

WiFi has become a must-have in any modern home,  with just about every device you can think of connecting to the internet. You want to be able to use all of your tablets, laptops, phones, and more no matter what room you’re in. Whether you’re streaming a show in bed, working from an upstairs home office, or listening to a livestream on your back porch – Metronet Whole-Home WiFi can help cover any dead zones and extend your fiber internet connection.

Metronet Whole-Home WiFi service includes a signal extender that allows your fiber internet connection to cover every room in your home, by expanding and strengthening your WiFi signal. Stop waiting for constant buffering or shoddy connection, and upgrade to high-speed fiber internet connection that can cover your whole home! Whole-Home WiFi is the best way to experience the blazing speeds Metronet can deliver!

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Current Deals To Save on Metronet Internet & WiFi

We understand how important having a reliable and high-speed internet connection really is, so we are constantly running great deals to help customers save on our services! Take advantage of our 1 Gig Bundle by combining Whole Home WiFi and 1 Gig Internet, for only $69.95/Month*! To see our other great promotions, including FREE WiFi Equipment, be sure you check out our Deals page below!

MetroNet Internet
MetroNet Internet

Connect Your Home With 100% Fiber Internet

Stop settling for slow speeds and make the switch to fiber internet today! Our 100% fiber internet network allows for us to deliver speeds up to 2 Gb with symmetrical upload and download speeds. With other internet providers, your experience and speed can vary greatly during times of high volume usage in your area, but fiber internet allows for much higher bandwidth and a smoother experience!

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Where Is Metronet Fiber Internet Currently Available?

Metronet fiber internet is currently located in cities across the United States, and we are constantly expanding our network! If you’re looking to see if your home can be covered – make be to check our Metronet coverage page below!

MetroNet Internet
MetroNet Internet

The Advantage of Fiber Internet

Fiber internet is the future of internet networks, with faster speeds, more reliability, greater bandwidth and more! Cable and satellite internet just can’t compete with the combination of performance and affordability that fiber internet creates. With fiber internet, you can stop worrying about constant speed throttling, network outages in storms, and more! To learn more about our Metronet Fiber Internet services, click the button below!

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*Offers available to new residential customers only and may not be combined with other offers. Use of Metronet’s fiber services and all promotional rates are subject to Customer’s compliance with Metronet’s Terms of Service and Acceptable Use and Privacy Policy, available at Metronet reserves the right to revoke or modify offers at any time. The $69.95 offer is based on a combination of offer INT-1G, discounted 1 Gigabit Internet at $69.95 for 24 months and a special WholeHome WiFi offer, free for the first year and then regular price $9.95 after that. Both services must be purchased to receive this price. After 24 months, a regular rate of $99.90 will apply. Offers do not include taxes and fees. Additional installation fees may also apply. Regular rates apply upon service suspension, cancellation, or downgrades.