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MetroNet values our customers above anything else, which is why we have an exciting list of deals available for you to take advantage of today. To learn more about our promise of value to you, read through the details of current offers or call today to speak to a friendly customer service representative!

Limited Time Holiday Deals – Offers End 1/3/22
$69.95 Gig Internet
Free installation!
Free WholeHome WiFi for 1 year with Gig internet

MetroNet Deals

1 Gigabit Internet & WholeHome WiFi Bundle

Save with our 1 Gigabit Bundle option! When you choose to bundle 1 Gigabit MetroNet Internet and WholeHome WiFi your bill will be as low as 74.95/mo* for lightning-fast internet without dead zones.
MetroNet Deals

Pair Internet With WholeHome WiFi

Choose from our 200/200 Mbps or 500/500 Mbps internet and pair with WholeHome WiFi for 24 months to get a discounted price. Pay as low as $54.95/mo* for 200/200 Mbps or $64.95/mo* for 500/500 Mbps and get the best MetroNet services you know and love for less.
MetroNet New Customer Deals

Save Big On Your First Month

Now, when you sign up for MetroNet’s 100/100 Mbps internet package, you can get $25 off your first monthly bill with auto-pay before paying for as low as $49.95/mo*.
MetroNet Internet Deals

Experience the 1 Gigabit Special

Save big with MetroNet Internet’s 1 Gigabit Special! For the first 6 months of service, you’ll pay as low as $59.95/mo* ($30 off), $69.95/mo* for 12 months ($20 off), all before paying the regular price of $89.95/mo*.
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WholeHome WiFi

Eliminate frustrating dead zones throughout your home with MetroNet’s WholeHome WiFi. Now you can work, game, and stream buffer-free! 

MetroNet Internet
MetroNet Internet

Local Customer Service

We’re proud to have local, friendly associates and technicians who actually live in the communities we serve. You’ll always have support right around the corner for any and all of your MetroNet services, not halfway around the world. 

Blazing-Fast Speeds

With the blazing-fast speeds of our 1 Gigabit internet, you can do nearly anything you desire to do online. Game until dawn with friends, stream your favorite movies with family, or upload the photos you just took on your most recent vacation. With a signal that can support up to 5 or more devices, great internet speeds up to 1 Gigabit can be yours for as low as $59.95/mo* for 6 months!
MetroNet Internet
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*Offers available to new residential customers only and may not be combined with other offers. Use of MetroNet’s fiber services and all promotional rates are subject to Customer’s compliance with MetroNet’s Terms of Service and Acceptable Use and Privacy Policy, available at MetroNet reserves the right to revoke or modify offers at any time. Regular WholeHome WiFi rate includes one WholeHome WiFi device. Extra devices will incur additional charges. The $49.95 200Mbps offer is based on discounted 200Mbps/200Mbps Internet. Regular internet rate of $59.95 will apply after 12 months. The $59.95 offer is based on discounted 500Mbps/500Mbps Internet. Regular internet rate of $69.95 will apply after 12 months. The $49.95 100Mbps offer is based on regular internet rate. To receive $25 off your first bill, you must sign up for auto-pay through customer portal. The $59.95 Gigabit offer is based on discounted Gigabit/Gigabit internet for 6 months, and increases to $69.95 for the next 12 months. After the 18th month, regular rate of $89.95 will apply. Offers do not include taxes and fees. Additional installation fees may also apply. Regular rates apply upon service suspension, cancellation, or downgrades.